Stereotypical Tradesman

Stereotypical Tradesman

Apollo Builders Group Ltd has strict policies on the level of work they expect from their employees. We understand that stereotypical Tradesman behavior can leave a lot to be desired. They are presumed to be loud, rude, messy, and use explicit language, all of which are unacceptable on a professional site, and more importantly… your home.

Although this stereotype only relates to a very small percentage of the trade, Apollo Builders Group Ltd has implemented many policies and procedures to ensure this behavior is not tolerated on any of our projects, no matter how large or small. We ensure there is no drinking or drug use on-site with a strict one-strict policy and have implemented random supervision checks via our construction director to ensure work and productivity levels are high and behavior good throughout your project.

Before hiring, all staff goes through an extensive interview process which allows us to only select ‘the best of the best so you can rest assured that you have experienced, industry professionals, working on your home or project. If you are interested in working with the very best tradesman in your area… then please contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote!


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