Interior Lighting Solutions

Interior Lighting Solutions

Interior Lighting Solutions, Apollo Builders Group Ltd believes that modern lighting solutions are a quick and relatively simple way to elevate a room! While recently completing a rear extension, this idea was implemented, and the results are stunning! What could have been a poorly lit room with a single bulb from the center of the ceiling was transformed into a modern, bright, and inviting space by placing modern ‘spotlights’ around the perimeter of the room, on a ceiling that featured raised edges?

These raised edges, in conjunction with spotlights, created a contemporary feel, an interior design style that is widely popular with our clients! To complete the room, Apollo Builders Group Ltd laid beautiful pine-colored flooring and painted the walls fresh white, creating a clean and sleek look. If you are looking to expand your home, or renovate your existing space, with a forward-thinking company, we would be more than happy to help! Give us a call on 01375 430 031 for a free quote from our Construction Director.


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