Bricklaying in Essex and London

Bricklaying in Essex and London

Apollo Builders Group Ltd, the top construction company in Essex, recently started work on a project in the London area that required skilled bricklaying experience. Our client was looking for a classic look using red bricks, which we were able to source quickly and cost-effectively, with a modern twist. Through multiple consultations with the construction team, the idea of an alternate colored brick was developed to create a more prominent ‘feature’ style wall, the client was pleased, and the results were stunning!

Quality Construction Company In Grays Essex

Apollo Builders Group Ltd prides itself on top-quality tradesmanship and this beautiful brickwork pays homage to the time, dedication, and experience of our team of multi-traders. As a specialist construction company in Essex, we often complete works outside of the usual mold and we thrive on the creative freedom this allows us, together with the client, we create stunning features in both domestic and commercial properties using top-of-the-range materials and technologies. If you are interested in a quotation from the best construction providers in the Essex and London area, please do not hesitate to contact us, where we can provide a free quotation!


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