The Cost Of A Loft Conversion In Essex

The Cost Of A Loft Conversion In Essex

Costs Of Loft Conversions – A loft conversion is a great way to expand your home, a loft conversion will give you the means to upgrade your living situation. Sometimes an upgrade is a lot simpler than moving to a new house, especially if you are already settled. As property prices are rising and people are spending more time in the comfort of their own homes. A revamp is a better option, not only does this give you additional space but can add value to your property.

So how much can a loft conversion cost? There are multiple different aspects that need to be taken into consideration to calculate the final cost, especially when deciding on what will suit your space and budget.

In this handy guide, we are proud to go through the basic concepts of a loft conversion, this will give you a rough idea of what to expect as well as the size and complexity of the work that could be involved.

Professional Fees

When you first evaluate the decision to get a loft conversion it is important to remember the professional fees that you may incur. These will form the foundation of your extension costs and should not be overlooked; these will exact fees will depend on each individual property. These fees do vary and there can be additional costs depending on the work you are considering.

Type Of Loft Extensions

The current roof structure of your property and the amount of space you require will dictate the type of loft conversion that is achievable. There are a few most common types of conversions, each different type comes with a different amount of cost. It is worth noting that there are additional extras that you may need to take into consideration:

  • A staircase provides access to the loft.
  • Reinforced flooring.
  • Electrics, lighting, and heating.
  • Insulation
  • Meeting Fire Safety regulations.

Velux Conversions

The most cost-effective way to create a loft conversion. This involves simply installing one or two windows into the roof to allow natural light in, along with adapting the safety and accessibility of the loft space. This will allow you to add functionally to your loft space without any changes to the roof structure, which also has the additional benefit of not needing planning permission.

Although this type of conversion is the cheapest and simplest way to convert your loft space, the limitation of this is that the loft space needs to already be high enough to stand around in as well as move in.

Dormer Conversions

The more common type of loft conversion is in which the roof is extended at a 90-degree angle to provide the necessary headspace for someone to stand and move around comfortably in the loft. There is a range of options here, as dormers can vary in size from just a small section of the roof to one which covers an entire face of the roof.

Dormers are ideal for adding an extra bedroom to your property, making them a popular choice. The increased amount of functionality of the loft space is available without requiring a complete restriction of the roof. It also allows for greater flexibility in planning for the stairs and arrangement of the bedroom.

Mansard Conversion

This type of loft conversion typically involved replacing one or both sides of a roof to increase headspace across the whole room. The new steep wall edges and flat roof on top essentially add a whole extra story to your property. This then gives the opportunity for multiple extra rooms, such as a study, bedroom, and bathroom.

This type of loft conversion is a large build and can typically come at a higher cost but is still able to provide a lot of functionality. Although this option is the most flexible it is also the most complex due to the additional features that need to be thought of.

  • What space do you currently have in the loft? Will this be large enough to form a room or will works need to be undertaken to expand the space?
  • Will alterations need to be made to allow for the staircase to fit into the property?

In Summary

Additional space to a property will almost in all circumstances add value to your property, many people are now often opting for loft conversions over moving as a cost-effective way to upgrade on their available space.

If this is an option you are considering please reach out to Apollo Builders Group LTD, we would be more than happy to help!


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