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Give Me Space


It is no secret that the COVID pandemic changed many things for our nation, and as such, presented challenges to the New Builds, and social landscape, heavily affecting the way that most of us socialize.  With the restrictions of lockdown, it is safe to say that in some way, we have all been affected by the social distancing restrictions.

Be it the inability to see a loved one over the festive holidays, the nuisance of domestic interruptions while trying to work at home, the challenge of splitting an atmosphere of ‘work mode’ & ‘home mode’, the lack of privacy or simply just finding some much-needed space. We have all felt the inconvenience.

Is there an ‘Out’?

Thankfully yes, and we think you’ll ‘dig it!’. If you own your own property and have a garden, Outhouses also coined as ‘Summer Houses’ or ‘Garden Room’, ironically just as useful in the winter, have become an increasingly popular home renovation idea.

Additionally, & more effectively we might add, from both social mobility and property value perspective, so has built a completely separate dwelling on your property grounds! Especially during the uncertainty of challenges faced by the COVID pandemic.  Imagine, the ability to have elderly family members, loved ones, or even friends living within the grounds of your home.

What’s possible?

In our experience, the sky is the limit!  With new construction, ideas vary and are always purpose intended! From swanky, soundproof home offices to aid working from home to a Zen Room for reading, yoga, or meditation.  Or maybe you are looking for a space to party at home during a potential lockdown? In that case, a Summerhouse containing a bar, spa or jacuzzi may what you are looking for.  Needless to say, whether it’s a creative on-trend Sewing/Seamstress studio, a games console/snooker room, a gym, a second lounge, or an eloquent dining space, the possibilities are endless & the property value, pending the work, is done correctly, is ever increasing.  An arguably small investment for a large return, monetarily and in quality of leisure home life.

If you are going bigger and better, perhaps thinking about investing in remodeling your home entirely, a separate dwelling may be what you are looking for.  With a growing family, or perhaps moving in a friend, creating an outside space for accommodation will increase the space, and bedroom count and make for a great solution to being close to loved ones, from afar.

Do I need planning permission?

Yes and no. For the most part and within criteria, outbuildings are classed as a ‘Permitted Development’, which means that planning permission shouldn’t be needed.  So long as the building does not breach height and size restrictions, & falls in line with the standards of a Permitted Development you’ve nailed it.

Of course, additional accommodation, showers, or kitchens are your intent, you will need planning permission, after which, the possibilities are endless!

For more information, you may find a homeowner’s technical guide to Permitted Developments here:

Or call Apollo Builders Group on 01375430031 for tailored guidance and or arrange a free visit & no obligation quotation via one of our certified Quantity Surveyors.

How long does it take to build?

Every property is different, and in that way, the complexity of the building will differ.  So, The great thing about that is what makes your outbuilding unique, which is integral to the value it may add to your property.  Size, height, design, brick building, or breeze block shed, are all factors that will play into the time of construction.  Most projects are completed within 1 to 3 weeks for permitted developments to several months for residential outbuildings.

Where do I start?

A good place to start is identifying your need for the building, it will likely naturally determine most of the other factors like size, height, use for windows and doors, material, and design. If a residential building is your intent, planning permissions would be your next point of call. Importantly, take steps to find the right builder/construction firm to manage your project.  The importance of finding certified builders is integral to the value you can add, and in some unfortunate cases can decrease your property value. Guidance on this can be found on our blog or of course, call us directly for a more bespoke walk through the process.

Overall, Outbuildings, gardens, and Residential are an ever-increasing trend, especially since the social challenges COVID19 has presented to us.  Whatever the purpose, we really ‘dig’ the idea!


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