How To Choose A Top Quality Builder

How To Choose A Top Quality Builder

No matter how you are looking to extend your home, a top-quality builder that you can trust is the key component in making sure the job is completed to the highest quality standards. Even if the job is small, it is highly important to still make sure you are choosing the correct builder. It can often seem like a daunting task ensuring that you pick the right builder for the project and avoid all cowboys that could be trying to take you for a ride.

We are often called out to too many projects to see shoddy building work leaving the customer in an unsafe environment. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the correct builder that is local and safe making sure your project is as smooth as possible. Below we detail the right criteria when choosing a builder.

Understanding Your Project

The first place when looking to hire a good quality builder is to fully understand what jobs need to be completed. Spend time detailing your ideas and try to be as specific as possible before meeting your builder, any extra key details that you want will also help your builder to reach your dream completed project. You can also write up a schedule of the importance of when each job needs to be completed and its importance of completion.

Research Is Key

Knowing who you are working with is half the battle when it comes to choosing a top-quality builder to complete the job, research is key for this task. Checking their reviews, previous work, and testimonials. You can also get in contact with their office to find out information about how punctual they are and meeting budgets as close as possible. These questions can show that you are knowledgeable and are going to have a keen interest in the work. This will discourage cowboy builders from taking you on as a client.

If you are struggling to find any information regarding reviews or trying to speak to previous customers then we suggest contacting some of the companies that the builder is accredited with, they will be able to give you more insightful information regarding the builder.

Finally, it is always worth spending time collecting quotes from multiple contractors within your area, this will give the average price for your job and give you a clear picture of how long the project will take.

Work With Trusted Builders

Trust is the key component when it comes to any part of a building project, expanding your home will take time, money, and a fair amount of effort to complete. You want to ensure the work that is being carried out is done by someone who is not going to ruin your project and cost you more than budgeted for. As well as how they choose to communicate with you.

A top-quality builder will supply you with an in-depth timeline and a full estimation of the job at hand, so you are updated on the plans right from the get-go. They should also offer you information on any contractors that they choose to use and have a point of contact in case of emergency. If your chosen builder is unable to answer these questions, then there could be potential red flags.

To help create the most transparent relationship between yourself and your builder a clear line of communication. Working with a builder who can answer your questions about your vision will make your project that much easier. However, if they are difficult to correspond with or display a lack of commitment to your project there can be potential red flags.

Safety First

Working in construction is an unsafe job with a lot of high risks. It is imperative that the company that you decide to work with upholds a high degree of safety. And within doing so can keep you, your family, and the site safe.

As a bare minimum, a builder or contractor must adhere to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. To ensure that all employees working on the site are doing so in a reasonably practicable manner. If you believe that your contractor is not working within safety regulations, you can be putting yourself and others in danger. Also, you should make sure that the builder you work with is fully covered in relation to insurance for the job at hand. Public and employer liability insurance are the most common types of coverage but there may need to be other policies in place so that the project runs smoothly. A contractor will need to show you their insurance credentials if you require them and you can ask for them before they begin.

Work With Local, Quality Builders

Work with people that take pride in their building work. There are a variety of awards, accreditation, and honors given to exceptional building companies that can give you an idea of the high standards to which they work.


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