House Extension Pricing In Essex

House Extension Pricing In Essex

House Extension Pricing In Essex, House extensions are a great way to add additional space to your property. Apollo Builders Group Ltd pride itself on being able to add additional space to your property, often transforming the look and feel of the house. We have years of experience in house extensions, from single-story to double-story extensions we have seen it all and built it all!

If you have fallen in love with your house but need additional space, you may be suited to an extension instead of moving. It is worth being prepared for the cost and being able to avoid any additional surprises.

House extensions are an increasingly popular way to improve your home, and it is not hard to see why. When it comes to choosing between moving or renovating, building an extension is often the more economically efficient option. Extensions are also able to add value to your property. House extensions can add multiple different rooms to your house, which is great if you feel that you are tight on space. They are also able to add a lot more value to your property, which is great in the future if you do come to sell it. Extensions are also a great alternative solution to moving to a new house, especially if you are already settled in your area.

The overall cost will depend on a number of different factors. It is also worth noting that your extension may need planning permission and the relevant drawings if it is not within permitted development. Costing can start before you have even started the build, as investigations may need to be conducted to determine how deep the foundation will need to be and any structural issues.

The cost will vary depending on location and how large the extension size is to be. As well as soil type, standard of specification, and how much glazing is to be used. The use of the extension and accessibility and condition of the existing building will all be taken into consideration in the final costing. It is likely that your budget will be split roughly 50/50 in terms of construction costs and interior costs but there are still many induvial expenses to consider.

This handy guide breaks down everything you need to know about house extensions!

Single Storey House Extensions

A single-story house extension is often the most popular choice amongst families. This type of extension can be relatively straightforward, opening the house up directly to the garden giving you more space and more value on your property. Remember, you will always be paying for quality, if a builder’s quote seems too good to be true – it probably is!

It is also worth noting, that many professional builders are VAT registered meaning that you will have to pay an additional 20%. There are additional fees that can be included such as structural designs, architect involvement, building control, building regulation, and any planning permission applications.

A single-story extension usually starts from £45,000 however, every build is different!

Double Storey House Extension

Despite the rumors, an additional storey to your house extension does not always mean doubling the costs. As you have already factored in the cost of your foundations and roof, it can often work out a lot less expensive than your original forecast. This is an important factor to note when balancing your costs against the added value of your extension.

The Additional Costs

As we mentioned previously every build is different, some builds can be completely different, and not every build is the same! If you are planning on using your new space for an extra kitchen or bathroom it can have an impact on the overall price due to more complicated features such as properly installed plumbing. So, you want to try to cut costs for any kitchen or bathroom suites, it is always worth checking to see if there is an ex-display unit – it is a great way to save costs.

If you want that open space for free-flowing living, it is worth looking into Bi-Fold doors. These are increasingly popular especially to give that indoor/ outdoor space. These can be extremely expensive depending on what type you go for.

It is very difficult to put an estimate on the final finishes and fittings, it will always depend greatly on the level of finish that you are looking for as well as personal space. Simple furnishings such as standard flooring painted walls, basic electric work will help to keep this low. If you are looking for a more bespoke look with built-in features and fitted joinery, it may increase the final figure.

Site Constraints

There can be some site constraints that may cause complications for your builder. This can be as simple as where skips need to be kept to how easy can they park. Main constraints come from demolition, poor access to the rear of the property for transporting tools/materials/waste, and alternations to the drainage system or gas supply. There can also be issues with laying foundations onto clay ground if the area is on a slope or surrounded by nearby trees – especially with tree root issues.

In Summary – House Extension Pricing In Essex

Although each house extension project is different and is unique in its design and complexities, with good thorough research you can get a good idea of what your final costs might be.  Work together with a builder from the start to come up with a plan that suits both your needs and wants from the final project.


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