From call to build

From call to build

Requesting a quotation for your project

Our expert office team / Planning permission

You may have received marketing from Apollo Builders Group Ltd or you may have found us yourself for Project Quotation but the way in which we work is the same for all of our clients! Our highly skilled admin team will take your initial call. During this time, they will ask you many questions including if you have planning permission in place for your project, a preferred start time as well as information regarding your upcoming project. This is to ensure that our Quantity Surveyors are prepped and ready to meet with you!

Quantity Surveyor visit

Our great office team will book your site visit with one of our qualified Quantity Surveyors, the purpose of these site meetings is to gain a wider understanding of your project as well as take any measurements and answer any questions you may have. Our site visits usually take around 30-60 minutes depending on the size of the project and of course how tight your schedule is!


Most of our projects require Drawings/plans and we would request these to be sent over prior to your site visitors so that our Quantity Surveyors can look over these and prepare for your site meeting. We understand that for some smaller-scale projects drawings are not always required.

Project Quotation

After your site visit with one of our Quantity Surveyors, work will begin or tailor making an accurate quotation for the work your project requires. We pride ourselves on the amount of detail and information provided on our quotations and aim for quotations to be sent within 7 days of the site visit.

Quotation amendments

After receiving your first version of the quotation we understand that sometimes you want to make changes! We are happy to arrange meetings or calls with our Quantity Surveyors so that they are able to understand exactly what it is you are looking to amend on your quotation.

Client Meeting

We understand that sometimes a face-to-face meeting works best (be it in person or via zoom). After the quotation amendments have been made, we know that a lot of our clients like to book a meeting to talk through their quotation a final time so that everyone is on the same page and the quotation is watertight.

Contract signed – Contract Builders

After the quotation has been approved by both parties we will issue a formal binding contract between the client and Apollo Builders Group Ltd. This contract will be given to you as a hard copy with one for you to keep and one to be signed and returned to us. This contract will include all of the details previous agreed upon and once signed becomes a legally binding contract between the client and Apollo Builders Group Ltd

Schedule of works

Once the contract is signed by both parties, we will get to work on something called a schedule of works. This is a document that will outline the different stages of the project and when we are expecting to start and complete them. Keep in mind these are subject to change as things can be completed quicker or they may be a hold up due to materials etc. Usually, a schedule of work will work on a week-by-week basis and will be updated throughout your project as and when needed.

Payment schedule

Another document that will be created will be your payment schedule, this allows us both to come to an agreement as to when the payments will be made and at what stage. This takes the guessing work out for both Apollo Builders Group Ltd and our client so we both know when the payments are due and there is no confusion.

Deposit paid

Once the contract has been signed, the schedule of works created, the payment schedule agreed by both parties and a start date has been confirmed the initial deposit is due. The reason for an initial deposit is to secure your start date and allow us to order materials in readiness for your project to start. The amount of deposit will have been previously agreed upon between the client and Apollo Builders Group Ltd.

Work begins

Contracts signed deposit paid, we are ready for the start date! You will have been introduced to the project manager on your project as well as have been provided with their contact details should you need to contact them at any point throughout the project. Let the excitement (and the build) commence!


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