A Guide To Basement Conversions

Basement Conversion

Basement Conversion

We can devise a creatively developed basement conversion plan to expand both your living space and implement a design consisting of the utmost aesthetical style and beauty.

What is a basement conversion?

An abundance of housing and buildings currently hold cellars which are used to store coal and wood for heating purposes. Naturally, however, in today’s modern world these cellars can be neglected and have poor use. Nonetheless, more recently these cellars are becoming a premium within cities and suburbs, making these spaces come into their own again.

A basement conversion is a process of changing this space into a more habitable room. Converting an old basement into a modern-day living space is the ideal answer for increasing the size of your home or business property. There are varying degrees of basement conversions, from a basic conversion to one that involves excavation and expansions in order to create sufficient height to be more habitable.


What can a basement conversion be used for?

Essentially, a basement can be used mostly for anything that a basement can be. Due to our extensive industry experience and expertise Apollo Builders Group Ltd have an amazing team at your disposal that can help you figure out exactly what you want to do with your basement. We have a large range of ideas and previous work that can help to inspire you. We can personalize your basement to fit your needs as well.

A basement conversion is a perfect opportunity to build a space with ideal lighting, something that is hard to achieve in a regular basement. With the help of natural and artificial lighting, you can maximize the value of your basement but also turn it into a high-quality luxury living environment. Light wells are an extremely good way to incorporate natural lighting into your underground living space, an aspect that can be easily planned and implemented into your retrofit basement.


key benefit of a basement conversion is how you can extend your existing basement or cellar to add on as many extra rooms as is needed and the budget allows. Many homes and commercial buildings in London go well below the surface. There is always more than meets the eye!

Apollo Builders Group LTD are experienced builders with the ability to transform your home. Contact us today!


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