Top 5 roofs in the Uk

Amazing Roofs In the UK – Several kinds of roofs have been in use for years, while some are very new to the industry. All styles have their own set of benefits and drawbacks and will appeal to various people. The locality, availability of raw materials, house construction, trends, maintaining convenience, and several other factors all influence the appropriateness of a roof. Whatever option you pick, make sure it’s the best one: one that’s useful, long-lasting, cheap to run, and economical. The most common varieties on the market are listed below…

Flat Roof

This roof has a flat finish. This has no bumps and is also one of the simplest to set up. Rainwater may flow from one end to the other and eventually into the gutter and downspout because one of the sides is slightly higher. Due to the sheer restricted beam and girder support, it is often used in enclosed areas. Bituminous felt, concrete, and iron plates make the roof components. The ease of installation, cost, and space conservation are all benefits of this roofing style.

Pitched Roof

A sloped roof is another name for the pitched roof. It is available in two pitches: low and high, with a tilt angle of less than 20 ° whereas the latter has an angle of up to 70 °. The more materials used to build a pitched roof, the more efficient it is in diverting water and minimizing stagnant areas.

Gable Roof

This is a form of pitched roof that is made up of two parts connected by a ridge. One face is higher, sloping upwards, and has a gable on one side. Only the fascia and partition walls, not just the roof, are visible when viewed from the side. It also is a common choice, and you’ll see it in houses, workplaces, factories, and other venues. It is popular among consumers because it is quick to set up, adaptable to a variety of environments, and long-lasting when correctly placed.

Dormer Roof

A dormer is indeed a tiny gable roof that extends at 90 degrees from the main roof. It generally does have a window on the gable end and gives additional interior space than a skylight. It helps in giving natural light to the interior space, ventilation is improved, it helps provide a view to the outside world,  and also it acts as an emergency exit.

Gambrel Roof

A pitched roof typically has two sloping sides. The gambrel, on the other hand, has sides, two on each side. The roof features a vertical gable on either end and is popular for its traditional design and attractive appearance. However, it is more difficult to install than a plain, sloping, or pitch roof. It also needs more materials, more robust support, and takes up more room. Many ancient houses have this type of roof.

Materials Used In Roofing

‘’A impoverished roof requires continuous inspection and replacement, but when good-quality materials are used, not only can the expense of re-roofing be significantly lowered, but even the cost of construction and replacement during its existence is also kept to a minimum’’.

Clay Tiles – Amazing Roofs In the UK

They are extracted from natural clay baked in a furnace and are manufactured from natural resources, but they take a lot of energy to make. They are long-lasting and low-maintenance, yet they are fragile and susceptible to breakage. They were also surprisingly expensive.

Concrete Tiles

They are highly affordable than clay tiles and have a longer life span. They’re composed of organic materials, but they also need a lot of energy to make.


Shingles are a bituminous roofing material with fiberglass reinforcements that have been frequently used on garden homes and conversions. Granular minerals or a tiny copper covering protect and beautify them, and they come in a variety of patterns and colors.

Slate – Amazing Roofs In the UK

One of the oldest roofing materials is slate. Natural slate is valued for its imperviousness, toughness, and flexibility. Slate roofing of excellent quality is extremely durable and outperforms other roofing systems. Roofing slates are also fireproof and resistant to insects, fungi, and microbes. It is the most durable natural construction material known to man.

All roof styles are designed to keep people warm and protected from any hazards. Roofing is an important aspect of a building’s envelope because if the roof materials aren’t up to standards, the entire structure’s stability will be jeopardized. More significantly, a roof should be properly insulated to maintain a consistent temperature within and outside the structure.



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